May 6, 2014
Prince Charles Gatecrashed A Wedding, But That's Not Even The Best Part

As far as weddings go, gatecrashing is pretty common. However, a newly married couple wouldn't have guessed even in their wildest dreams who would strut into their wedding unannounced.

England's Prince Charles showed up unexpectedly at a couple's wedding. The Royal apparently strode into the wedding of Barry Rooney, 28, and his new wife Kirstie, 22, while he was in Ayr for a parade by the Queen's Own Yeomanry.

The newlyweds, who had just finished saying their vows at the picturesque Town Hall, were in for the surprise of their lives when they spotted the Prince of Wales leaving another civic reception. As they were leaving the Registrar's Office, the couple met the Prince of Wales who was at a civic reception in the same building.

The Prince appeared very calm and offered his congratulations to the overwhelmed, but extremely happy couple. He even posed for a number of photos with the newlyweds, which would surely find a special place in the wedding album, reported Daily Mail.

"That was absolutely amazing, we were really shocked. Who can say they had their wedding photograph taken with the Prince of Wales? It's a day we'll remember forever," said the couple.

However, what makes the incident much more interesting is the fact that the Prince wasn't in his customary double breasted suit. Instead, he wore a multi-terrain army uniform, complete with military insignia. While this may have unnerved many, the groom was ecstatic. This is because he was no ordinary citizen. Barry Rooney is a soldier.

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It must have been a very unusual coincidence for the Prince of Charles to walk into the wedding of another soldier wearing a military uniform. But, nonetheless, it happened, and it seems fate had set the plans in motion to make the wedding of Barry Rooney and Kristie most memorable.

It just so happens that Prince Charles was in Ayr for a parade and reception by the Queen's Own Yeomanry. He has been conferred with the title of Royal Honorary Colonel. While receiving the guard of honor and overseeing the parade, it is customary for all military personnel, whether in active service or honorary, to wear complete military uniform. Prince Charles, who is seldom seen outside without his trademark suit, honored the tradition, reported Arabia Weddings.

Prince Charles has always been very kind and generous with his appearance in public, and the same generosity was amply reflected on this unusual day. The couple must surely be happy that if someone chose to gatecrash their wedding, it was Prince Charles.

[Image courtesy | Daily Mail]