Talk To Iggy Azalea Online Live Tonight Along With Rita Ora!

Iggy Azalea may be from Australia, but she is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with her fans “Live On MTV” at 6pm ET on and MTV Hits. Iggy Azalea, the twenty-three year old rapper, has swept the music industry off their feet. Iggy’s debut album The New Classic was released on April 21st and is already getting rave reviews. In fact, Iggy’s single Fancy from that album which features Charli XCX has already claimed Iggy a spot in the top 10 on the Top 100 per

Tonight, Iggy will not be alone as she goes live on MTV. She is bringing along her BFF Rita Ora. Yes, fans will get two for the price of one. And they are both free. It doesn’t get any better than that! Now is your chance to have the opportunity to speak with Iggy and Rita directly. Get your questions ready as Iggy and Ora are all set to respond, as well as play games per It sounds like a great time.

Iggy, will no doubt be discussing her single, Fancy, while Rita will throw in her comments about I Will Never Let You Down. Fans, just tweet your questions for the duo using the hashtag #AskIggyRita.

Iggy and Rita also have a song they recorded together, Black Widow. The song was actually written by Katy Perry per Originally, Iggy did not desire to have any collaborations on her top 10 debut. But Azalea felt a little differently when Katy told Iggy that she couldn’t help but think about Iggy as she wrote the song.

Azalea decided to ask Katy Perry to sing on the track, but Katy declined because she simply didn’t have time in her hectic schedule. That left Iggy the daunting task of finding someone as good as Katy Perry to fill her shoes on the vocals. That is when Iggy decided on Rita Ora. Iggy brags on Ora to stating that, “Rita is a great fit. Her voice can blow people away.”

Iggy continues to say, “Rita’s a superstar and she will only get bigger,” Iggy giggled. “She’s one of those girls that always gets the party started, she is so mischievous, it’s great going out with her.”

Iggy, who opened for Beyonce Knowles last year, recognizes talent when she sees it. Iggy is becoming a superstar in her own right. Don’t miss out on all the fun tonight. Be sure to pop into or MTV Hits for “Live From MTV.Com: Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora” May 5, at 6pm. Remember to have your questions ready for Iggy and Rita using the hashtag #AskIggyRita. Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora will be looking forward to talking with you.

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