President Obama Goes Full Sherman On Critics At Correspondents’ Dinner [VIDEO]

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a time-honored tradition, during which the sitting President of the United States takes a break from being grilled by the Washington press corps and instead takes the time to roast. President Barack Obama’s turn on Friday, May 3, was no exception. President Obama made a number of self-effacing jokes, notably admitting “could have gone better.”

But perhaps the President’s most memorable joke was his trash-talk to the press a la Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who was in attendance.

“Some times I do feel disrespected by you reporters, but that’s okay. Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman is here tonight, and he gave me some great tips on how to handle it. Jake Tapper, don’t you ever talk about me like that! I’m the best President in the game!”

After his feigned shot at CNN’s chief Washington correspondent, President Obama asked Sherman if he approved, or if perhaps he’d need to use “a little more feeling next time.”

Watch the full 19 minutes of President Obama’s turn at the mic at the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner below, courtesy of