A 15-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Molested In Her Hospital Bed, Hospital Says It’s Her Own Fault

When a 15-year-old girl was in a Sebring, Florida, hospital intesive care unit two years ago, under heavy sedation while being treated for a serious infection, her 16-year-old sometime boyfriend Jesse Maness somehow got into her hospital room, climbed into her bed and had sex with her.

And in court papers, the hospital says it’s the girl’s own fault.

Now the girl’s mother is suing Highland Regional Medical Center and its parent company for negligence, saying that the boy, who later confessed to the sexual assaults and was convicted of child molesting and lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor, never should have been allowed in the room which was supposed to be open only to immediate family members of patients..

In fact, the mother — identified only as “Michelle” by a local TV station that investigated the case to protect the identity of the girl, who is a sexual assault victim — is herself a chief nurse at the hospital and gave strict orders to keep Maness (pictured above) out of her daughter’s room, in case he showed up.

Yet somehow the teen got in there and proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse with the girl, who was under the influence of multiple painkilling narcotics at the time.

The next morning, a nurse approached Michelle and told her that they had seen Maness in the girl’s room and even caught him in her bed — two times.

“She said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this, I hope it’s nothing,’” Michelle recounted in horror. “‘I found this on the floor in your daughter’s room,’ and it was an open condom wrapper.”

A sheriff’s investigator questioned Maness, who quickly admitted when asked what happened in the room, that “we had sex.”

When the investigator asked the teen if the girl acted in any way different or strange, Maness said that she appeared “normal to me,” though she seemed “tired a lot.”

A 15-year-old cannot legally consent to sex, in any case.

Michelle is suing the hospital for negligence in allowing Maness, whom she described as “trouble,” into her daughter’s ICU room. But court records show that the hospital puts the sole blame for what happened to her daughter on the shoulders of Michelle and the 15-year-old girl herself.

In fact, even after Maness confessed and was convicted, the hospital went so far as to deny that any sexual attacks took place at all.

“The internal investigation did not identify any objective evidence to support allegations of abuse during your daughter’s hospitalization,” the hospital told Michelle.

“I think people should know when there is a company or a hospital that can’t be trusted,” said the mother of the 15-year-old girl. “Even when they do find out that something like this has happened, and it is so alarming, they choose to do nothing about it.”