Motorcycle Accident Video Shows Crash At 140 MPH Using GoPro Cameras

A motorcycle accident video posted on the anniversary of the crash shows a first person view of the rider suffering a motorcycle crash at 140 MPH… and he lives to tell the tale!

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a motorcycle crash at 285 MPH was not so survivable, and land speed record holder Bill Warner was killed in the motorcycle accident. Another GoPro camera video shows a grizzly bear attacking and eating the camera.

Biker Sergey Kotov was riding down I-25 in Colorado with around 10 of his buddies and was using one of the GoPro cameras to show off the FPV action. The video shows Kotov looking off to his left at another rider, but he only looked straight ahead in time to realize he was about to hit a Mazda from behind and fly over the handlebars.

The driver of the vehicle reported what he remembered from the motorcycle accident:

“Happened one year ago while on vacation in Colorado. Fun way to have your vacation ruined. The impact was enough to raise the back end of the vehicle off of the ground. Only minor injury for people inside the vehicle. You can’t see it in this picture but there looked to be a helmet or other body part impacted above the driverside brake light. The guy on the bike did fly off to the side of the car past my vehicle for a short time, not a sight I like to remember. The police report says his body came to rest on the pavement in lane two, 326.7 feet from the point of impact and his bike 450.8 feet.”

Needless to say, poor Sergey ended up in the hospital. Someone who claims to know him wrote what happened next:

“He came to our church in the fall and talked about his accident and showed his video. I got a chance to ask him a few questions because I ride bikes as well. He survived, but he was in a coma for a while with bleeding in his brain. The doctors were amazed that he survived and better yet is able to walk and talk normally.”

Although Sergey has apparently decided to give up riding, he did post the motorcycle accident video and his comment on Instagram was lighthearted: “Was very fun until I hit the car.” Indeed.