White Supremacist Raped And Tortured Step Daughters For Being “Part Latina” [Video]

Justin Ladd, a 33 year old White Supremacist from Massachusetts was arrested and charged with raping and torturing his two teenage step daughters. According to the two girls he had been abusing them for more than five years. He told police that he abused them for all that time because he didn’t like that they were “part Latina”.

The girls told Massachusetts police that in addition to repeatedly raping them he had hit their feet repeatedly with hammers. He also pulled on their tongues with a pair of pliers. Ladd is also being charged with sexual assault for exposing himself to them while he beat them with belts. They claim the abuse went on from a period starting in 2008 and ending in 2o13. The girls are now fourteen and sixteen.

The girls were asked under questioning why they had not said something earlier to their mother at the very least. They said that Ladd threatened to have them raped by his racist motorcycle gang if they said a word.

Ladd told the girls that he was free to do anything he wanted to them because they were Latina girls. Ladd would reportedly scream horrible racist names at the girls while raping them. He would make them admire his White Power tattoo that is scrawled across his stomach.

The girls said that he would call them racial slurs while sexually assaulting and raping them. Ladd, they explained, has the words “white power” tattooed across his stomach, a fact confirmed by police. The police report also said that Ladd would make them exercise, sometimes for hours and hours each day punishing them with tools when they stopped. He also used to make them dance and sing for him.

The Boston Herald reported that Ladd would scream at the girls:

“While imitating monkeys … If you’re not white, you’re not right'”.

Ladd would still be abusing the girls if the whole family had not gone on a vacation to Christina Fintonis’ home for a vacation. She witnessed one of Ladd’s attacks on the girls.

Fintonis told the Boston Herald:

“All of the sudden, he yells up for the oldest daughter – she’s 15 now – to come upstairs to do something for him, and all of the sudden the house shook, and we heard a big bang and were like, ‘What was that? She came down bawling her eyes out, and she said, ‘He grabbed my face and slammed me into a wall'”.

It was due to Fintonis’s report that the children were removed from Ladd’s care.