TSA: Checked Luggage Discovered With Over 80 Pounds Of Marijuana Inside

TSA checked luggage

The Transportation Security Administration is far more interested in keeping explosive devices off of planes than dealing with the smuggling of marijuana. Nevertheless, if you happen to be carrying luggage which contains a massive 81 pounds of the stinky green weed, chances are the TSA will find it when they screen your bags.

That’s exactly what happened this past Friday, when a 26-year-old man was arrested at Oakland International Airport with a large quantity of marijuana, contained in three separate bags that he had with him, intending to smuggle it across state lines.

According to the TSA, the man, who was a resident of Jackson, Mississippi, was traveling from Oakland to Jackson via Phoenix and Dallas.

A spokesman for the TSA, Ross Feinstein, wrote via an email that the: “TSA screens every bag placed on an airplane, whether taken as carry-on or checked with an airline, As is common practice, TSA notified the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office of the discovery, who responded and took possession of the marijuana. The passenger was subsequently arrested on criminal charges,” said the spokesman.

As soon as the TSA checked the luggage and found the large stash, they referred the matter to local law enforcement authorities. which are responsible for dealing with crime.The TSA have the far more important job of finding suspicious items – which might be bombs – in passenger’s luggage.

In the current climate, where marijuana has been legalized across many states in the U.S. and the general attitude towards marijuana is more relaxed as it becomes more accepted in society, being found with a small amount of marijuana is not the biggest of deals.

But, when the NSA checked luggage and found a massive 81 pound stash, that was a different story, and it needed to be dealt with by the police.