Joe Biden Joins Julia Louis-Dreyfus In Hilarious WHCD Video

Some democrats say Joe Biden is the funny one, and he finally gets to prove it when the VP got the chance to collaborate in a hilarious video with none other than his TV counterpart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays Vice President Selina Meyer on the hit HBO comedy Veep.

In the video, Biden plays himself, the second highest ranking public servant of the United States, as he tries his best to avoid the White House Correspondents Dinner because according to him, the event is just “a bunch of politicians trying to explain politics to Hollywood”. Joe’s sidekick in this crazy hijinx is Selina Meyer, who goes around Washington with Biden in an effort NOT to go to the WHCD.

The 7-minute video also stars a couple of powerful personalities, including Nancy Pelosi, who was caught by Joe and Selina getting inked in a shady tattoo parlour and John “J-Dog” Boehner, who is seen spending his time in Capitol Hill watching pandas eat bamboos. First Lady Michelle Obama also appears in the video, where she challenges Selina in an arm wrestling match while enjoying a bucket of ice cream.

Joe Biden is often a subject of parody in social media and satirical news sites and has since embraced his comedic side. In the popular comedy news site The Onion, Biden has been the subject of a couple of hilarious headlines, like “Joe Biden Hitchhikes to Democratic National Convention”, where he supposedly asked motorists on a lonely highway for a ride to Dem party event.

Another funny one is “Biden Scores 800 Feet Of Copper Wire”, where Biden was portrayed sharing his delight over his haul of the hardware good from a foreclosed home in Washington D. C.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner has been held since 1920 to celebrate the close bonds between the White House and the journalists that cover the office. At least 15 presidents have attended the dinner since it began earlier last century. Comedians typically host the WHCD to maintain a lighthearted atmosphere during the dinner, a refreshing opposite to how the press covers the POTUS during the rest of the year.

It has not been without criticism. The WHCD has been accused of being a propaganda tool by various independent commentators. A few news outlets, some of which are nationally recognized like the New York Times, no longer attend the event.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden attend this year’s WHCD, with Joel McHale from Community hosting the prestigious dinner.