Johnny Weir Dons Outrageous Hat To The Kentucky Derby

Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir easily won the 2014 Kentucky Derby with his choice of hat. The Olympic figure skater turned NBC host took the phrase “fashion statement” to a-whole-nother level on Derby Day. According to Huffington Post,Weir and Tara Lipinski are NBC’s fashion correspondents for this year’s Derby — so it makes perfect sense that at least one of them would be a fashion standout, right?

A vision in white (or cream, if you will), Weir topped off his look with a one-of-a-kind hat complete with white feathers and a white and gold Pegasus. The hat was made by Kerin Rose Gold, who is actually known for her eyewear. She took a chance on a hat, however, and it seems like it really paid off. It’s all anyone can talk about on social media sites — it is trending on Facebook and Twitter!

Johnny Weir quietly hinted that his Derby fashion would be epic when he wore a fascinator to a Derby event on Friday. However, no one quite expected such a statement piece, which spoke for itself despite being the topic of conversation during practically every interview he did on Saturday. People really seem to love Weir — and his hat — and he and Lipinski are now 2/2 when it comes to their careers as hosts (they were on NBC during the Winter Olympics as well). Chances are good that NBC will have them back for future hosting gigs.

And if you think that Johnny and Tara have no connection to horse racing, you’d be wrong. As previously reported by, both Johnny and Tara have equestrian experience. Johnny actually competed professionally before changing gears and focusing on figure skating. And while Tara didn’t compete professionally, she also rode horses when she was a kid. And now look at them both!

Johnny Weir knows that his hat is an entity of its own (maybe it’s going to have a hat party with Pharrell Williams’ hat) and he has even named it: “Pegasus.” It’s quite appropriate and fans love it. They have been sending their comments to Weir on Twitter since he and Pegasus made their television appearance at 4 p.m. and, so far, everything seems really positive.

As far as the actual race goes, it looks like Weir is rooting for Danza and Lipinski is going with favorite California Chrome. No word on which horse Pegasus thinks will win.

What’s your opinion of Johnny Weir’s hat? Which horse do you think will win the Kentucky Derby?

[Photo credit: Tara Lipiniski / Instagram]