Pharrell Williams Wins iHeart Innovator Award, Thanks Fans For The ‘Heavy Lifting’

Pharrell Williams iHeart Music Awards

Pharrell Williams seems to understand that his fans are largely responsible for making his Despicable Me 2 song “Happy” a raging success.

The busy singer recently took home the iHeart Innovator Award during the iHeartRadio Music Awards ceremony on May 1. Williams, who was apparently a little emotional about receiving the trophy, was quick to thank all of his fans for making the aforementioned tune one of the biggest hits in recent memory.

One person who was obviously excited about Pharrell Williams receiving the Innovator Award was “Hella Good” collaborator and presenter Gwen Stefani. Since so many people seemed more than willing to sing his praises, Williams was understandably emotional as he accepted the honor.

“I never dreamed in a million, million, million years that, as a producer, I’d be standing here as an artist… All I did was write the songs, and you guys did all the heavy lifting, all the hard work, all those billions of views on YouTube, all that calling in… thank you guys for lifting me so high! Thank you guys so, so much,” Pharrell Williams said.

While fans were understandably excited that Pharrell snagged an award during the show, some people were more focused on the Mickey Mouse Band Aid the singer rocked on the red carpet. Some conspiracy theorists believe that he was covering up a zit, but everyone on the planet knows Williams is immune to such unsightly blemishes.

Of course, Williams didn’t show up to simply snag a trophy and go home. The singer also performed a mash-up of his songs during the event. If you somehow managed to miss Pharrell’s routine at the ceremony during its broadcast on NBC, then you need to correct that problem by investigating the clip embedded below.

The prolific producer wasn’t the only person who took home awards during the iHeart Radio Awards show. Rolling Stone points out that Rihanna snagged four trophies during the ceremony, though she was stuck in traffic when her name came up the first time around. However, she managed to get to the event in time to accept the other honors.

Are you a fan of Pharrell Williams? What do you think about the “Happy” singer taking home the iHeart Innovator Award at this year’s iHeart Music Awards?

[Image via The Guardian]