‘Overrated’ Kevin Hart Lashes Out At Mike Epps On Twitter

Kevin Hart Mike Epps Twitter

Kevin Hart definitely has a few choice words for fellow comedian Mike Epps.

Since the Ride Along star has enjoyed a fair amount of success at the box office over the past several months, it’s not altogether surprising that some people feel the need to sling a little hate in the guy’s general direction. One person who doesn’t believe Hart is worth his weight in celluloid is Mike Epps.

According to Spy Ghana, Epps firmly believes that Kevin Hart is one of the most overrated comedians in the business right now. In fact, the Next Day Air star is completely convinced that Hart wouldn’t have any success at all without some serious help from social media.

“In this business right here, sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent. This business is not about being funny. This business is about being forced on people. You can be forced on people and be really, really funny. If the business was based on being funny none of these suckers would be in it,” Epps explained during a recent radio interview.

Not one to take such nastiness lightly, Kevin Hart responded with a series of razor-sharp Twitter posts directly squarely at Epps and his poor attitude. Check out some of the comedian’s tweets below, though keep in mind they do contain some strong language.

At some point during the exchange, the About Last Night star seemed to settle down. Instead of continuing his attack on Mike Epps — minus the “I’m taking my overrated a** back to work” comment — he took a deep breath and realized that it’s probably best not to give his haters any ammunition.

Today’s lesson is pretty simple: Don’t spew any hatred about Kevin Hart unless you’re ready to handle his response. Apparently the guy doesn’t have a problem shutting down any of his detractors. The world has been properly warned.