Disney Tickets Prices Increase, Fantasyland Ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Only More Expensive

Disney tickets prices have been increasing a lot over the whole years, and now if you want to go on the new Fantasyland ride making your dreams come true will only be that much more expensive.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the writers of the Frozen song Let It Go claim Disney draws the line when it comes to mentioning God in their movies. The Jungle Book live action movie is nowhere near being released but already some people are talking about the original Jungle Book was secretly racist.

Disney World tickets prices have been slowly inching their way up over the years as any good Floridian knows. But just this February the Disney tickets prices broke the $100 per person barrier for a single day admission, reaching $105.44 once you include Florida’s six percent sales tax. This Disney ticket prices increase stood out from the crowd since typically theme parks do not push their tickets rates higher until June, which is typically the state of the summer season for (expensive) fun in the sun.

The Disney tickets prices increases come at the same time that Disney CEO Bob Iger and other board members have become controversial for giving themselves larger raises than anyone else in the Fortune 100 companies. At the same time, the Disney World workers worked out a contract agreement where they could have their hourly wages increased to $10 an hour by the summer of 2016, but only at the expense of new hires not receiving pensions. So while Disney is earning $6 billion annually people like Iger were rewarded $108 million in the last three years.

Still, even though the Disney tickets prices increase is galling, many are willing to pay up in order to go on the new Fantasland ride called the Seven Dwarfs Mine, which you can watch on the video above. The Fantasyland ride takes guests throughout the enchanted forest of the dwarfs, then plunges them into a mine with glowing gems. The ride is also good for almost all families since the minimum height requirement is only three feet and two inches. The Seven Dwarfs Mine ride will be opening on May 28.