Korea Subway Crash Deaths Avoided? One Passenger Suffering From Brian Hemorrhage [Video]

South Korea’s subway crash in S is estimated to have injured at 200 passengers, marking this train crash as the second serious accident within the last two weeks.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the final moments of the South Korean ferry disaster were caught on video, with students recording everything on their cell phones. Authorities arrested several people and it’s claimed that some of the crew manning the South Korean ferry will face accidental homicide charges. All in all, around 300 people were either killed or are missing because of this disaster.

Fortunately, South Korea’s subway crash yesterday afternoon may have involved two trains crashing into each at a station in the capital city, but in this case no one was killed. Officials say the subway train accident was triggered by a failure of the signal system, which ended in two subway cars being derailed from the track when the driver of the moving train did not realize the station was still occupied. People who were on the trains describe how it was like “tripping over when running really fast” and say they flew forward about five to ten feet.

According to emergency officials at Sangwangsimni station, the vast majority of those injured only suffered from minor abrasions, cuts, and at least one bone fracture. But it’s a little too soon to celebrate since at least one person is said to have suffered a brain hemorrhage and is currently being treated by doctors. All in all, about 32 people needed to be evacuated by emergency crews to hospitals.

The aftermath of Korea’s subway crash is also described as being very hectic. Thousands were evacuated from the underground system but the official announcement made on the trains told everyone to wait where they were. This announcement was largely ignored, with many passengers choosing to force the doors open so they could escape out onto the tracks. Perhaps some of these people remember the last major subway train crash in South Korea, which occurred in 2003. That crash resulted in a fire which killed 192 people.