‘Star Wars’ Launches ‘Journeys’, Interactive Storybooks For Younger Audiences

Star Wars Phantom Menace interactive

Lucasfilm and Disney Corp. introduced the Star Wars Journeys on Friday, aimed specifically at younger audiences — who may not be familiar with the two previous trilogies — ahead of the projected 2015 opening of Episode VII.

This is the first product developed by Disney and Lucasfilm, after the Mouse purchased George Lucas’ company in 2012 and will only be available on Apple devices (for now).

It is safe to say that with the excitement surrounding the J.J. Abrams installment, not just kids will be flocking to Apple to get the app, many game enthusiasts will follow suit.

Disney and Lucasfilm want to introduce the Star Wars story to the younger generations, just like it did in 1977 and with the help of today’s technology they should be able to reach millions.

The app is planned as a companion to each of the films beginning with Phantom Menace all the way to Return Of The Jedi ahead of the release of Episode VII and is now available at the Apple store for $6.99.

So far only a few reviews have been posted, but all users give Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace five stars.

And as expected, the app is not only attractive for the target audience, but longtime fans who can’t get enough of the franchise. A reviewer shares:

“As a huge Star Wars fan I really appreciate this interactive story. You can learn all about the storyline and those involved. This will go great with the other 5 parts that are yet to come to make a complete, portable, and awesome Star Wars universe on a mobile device! Love it!”

Star Wars Journeys: Phantom Menace allows users to unlock secrets and race their “anti-gravity podracer across the galaxy at explosive speeds!” Disney claims in their website.

The games provides very detailed experiences for those who are not familiar with the franchise, for Star Wars Journeys: Phantom Menace fans have three parts available to explore.

Users will be able to discover the plot through costume design art, a complete database of all there is to know about the movie including characters, vehicles, places, which introduces them to the Star Wars world and prepares them to fully understand Episode VII.

Each Journey — which was developed with kids 6-12 years of age in mind — was designed with 20 scenes and can be expanded to include new sequences and other additions to the game. The story portion of Star Wars: Phantom Menace alone takes about an hour to complete.

The preliminary release for Apple devices is somewhat of a test on Disney’s part to make sure the games are popular and it may be available on Androids at a later date, according to Andrew Sugerman, executive VP of Disney Publishing Worldwide.

Disney plans to follow Star Wars: Phantom Menace with Journey releases for the rest of the episodes in the saga: Attack Of The Clones, Revenge Of The Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi in the next few months.

Sugerman says Disney’s goal is to continue to develop “the mythology behind that universe and engage people in new ways” and adds:

“I was not disappointed when Disney bought Lucasfilm. I admit, I’m a Star Wars fan. I have a lightsaber on my wall.”

Are you excited about the Star Wars Journeys? Do you plan to purchase them?

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