Nokia Lumia 520 Stops A Bullet, Saves The Life Of A Police Officer

Nokia phones are known for being tough. Some of the older handsets from the company – which recently sold its mobile phones division to Microsoft are famous for being part of Internet memes that talk about them being even capable of surviving a nuclear explosion. And, some of those claims might actually have some truth in it – at least that is what is being exemplified in this latest news about a Lumia 520 that is doing the rounds of the Internet.

According to a local Brazilian newspaper, a Lumia 520, one of Nokia’s most popular Windows Phone handsets might just have saved the life of a policeman by shielding him from a bullet. The incident happened when a 24-year-old military police officer went over to his parents’ home to meet them and to give them his uniform for a wash. Turns out, he enters his home in the midst of a robbery attempt. Seeing the military man, the thieves, who had the officer’s mother and father hostages, immediately fired a few rounds. One of the bullets hit him on the chest, near his pocket. The other bullets missed him. Meanwhile, in the melee caused by the firing, the robbers made their escape with a few valuables. The shocked military man was surprised to be standing tall even after being clearly hit by a bullet. It was after that he decided to take a look inside his pocket to find that the bullet had hit his Lumia 520.

The Lumia 520 didn’t survive the attack – but that is immaterial here since a life was saved. And we’re sure Nokia did earn one fan for life. Had the bullet hit a few inches from where it did, the man would have been dead. The pictures of the aftermath show how badly the Lumia 520 was hit. The robbers involved in the crime have still not been caught and they seem to have made away with a few phones, jewelry and cash.

The Lumia 520 that saved the life of the military man would most likely be kept as a prized possession by the family.

[Image via Globo]