Aaron Hernandez: Former Patriots Player Indicted On Assault Charges

Aaron Hernandez was indicted on assault charges today after two incidents that happened while he was behind bars. According to ESPN, the charges involved assault and battery and threats to do bodily harm. It is believed that the former Patriots player got into a fight with another inmate back in February. The two reportedly "exchanged words" and Hernandez punched the man, knocking him to the ground.

The other inmate has been identified as Andrew Booker. Booker's attorney says that his client does not have any intention of testifying against Hernandez because he doesn't want to be a "rat." Hernandez has also been accused of threatening to "shoot and kill" a guard at the Bristol County Jail. This incident occurred in November 2013. A date for his arraignment for these charges has not been set.

Aaron Hernandez is being held in jail without bail after pleading not guilty to the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. Lloyd's body was found less than a mile from Hernandez's home in N. Attleboro, Massachusetts. Others have been arrested in connection to this murder as well, all of those suspected to be involved have been connected to Hernandez in one way or another.

Hernandez is also suspected in a 2012 shooting according to Boston.com. While charges have not been brought against him, investigators are working diligently to see if there is enough evidence that points to him. Many people now believe that Hernandez had his hand in a lot of bad things and that his role on the Patriots was more of a cover than anything else. It was his source of income and his way of escaping punishment for his actions... until he just about got caught wrapped up in his own web.

Hernandez's fiance, Shayanna Jenkins is also in a good deal of trouble following Hernandez's arrest. She has been accused of lying to a grand jury as previously reported by Inquisitr.com. Also, some believe that Jenkins might have hid the murder weapon used to kill Odin Lloyd. The gun has not been located by police. Jenkins was seen leaving the home she shared with Hernandez (and their baby daughter) at least one time with an unidentified box. It has been said that she neglected to recall the specific box, what was inside of it, and where she took it.

Aaron Hernandez is due in court on murder charges and will have a separate hearing for the jailhouse charges. If he's charged in the 2012 shooting, that will be yet another day in court for him.

[Photo Credit: AP Photo / Josh Reynolds via ESPN]