Los Angeles International Airport Computer Outage Causes Havoc In Skies

Los Angeles International Airport has been plagued by computer issues this evening, prompting delays not only at LAX, but Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, and Ontario International Airport, reportedly among others.

According to local news sources such as KTLA, Los Angeles International Airport experienced “technical issues” involving off-site equipment that “safely spaces” planes at high altitudes:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reportedly been tight-lipped regarding the Los Angeles International Airport issues — which have caused a “domino effect” to regional airports — as updates filter in to frustrated travelers on Twitter and across the social web.

According to the official @flyLAXairport Twitter feed, even parking structures were briefly affected by the sudden technical setback, and the page stated:

Recently, the account updated with the following information:

Over on the FAA’s official airport status update page, LAX is marked with a red dot (indicating the delays), as are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City of all major area airports. Smaller regional airports are not shown, and some East Coast red dots can also be seen.

At this juncture, it’s not entirely clear whether the situation at LAX has been entirely resolved and only residual delays remain, or if there has been a partial resolution, and planes in the air and on the ground will continue experiencing delayed or cancelled departures.

According to the official LAX Twitter feed, the “ground stop” has been lifted, but delays of at least an hour are expected for many flights:

Individual airlines have not been tweeting about the specific delays experienced at LAX, but a local news station provides relevant phone numbers for stuck and stranded travelers:

Some sites initially reported a far larger effect from the glitch:

While Los Angeles International Airport appears to be on track to clearing up the flight backlog, no details have officially been offered on the sudden technical glitch.