Veterinarian Accused Of Keeping 'Euthanized' Dog Alive, Harvesting Blood

A Texas veterinarian is accused of keeping a "euthanized" dog alive so he could harvest blood. Lou Tierce reportedly collected the blood from a dog named Sid, who he previously agreed to euthanize. Officials with the Forth Worth Police Department, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, and the Humane Society of North Texas, are currently investigating the allegations.

In May 2013, Jamie and Marian Harris took their beloved dog to the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic for treatment. The Harris' said the Leonberger was experiencing issues with his anal glands.

Dr. Tierce suggested a "cold laser" treatment, which includes a cocktail of medications. Following the treatment, Sid experienced an unusual number of adverse symptoms. Although Tierce explained the recovery may be slow, The Harris' were concerned. Within four months, Sid lost the use of his hind legs.

Tierce eventually diagnosed Sid with a congenital spinal defect. As the prognosis was grim, the veterinarian suggested euthanization. Although the Harris' were heartbroken, they wanted to end their beloved pet's suffering.

In September 2013, Jamie and Marian Harris consented to the euthanization. Lou Tierce assured the family that he and his staff would arrange Sid's burial.

On April 21, the Harris family received a bizarre phone call. The caller identified herself as a former Camp Bowie Animal Clinic employee. Mary Brewer said she left the clinic, as she observed Tierce abusing numerous pets.

The Harris' were stunned, as Brewer eventually explained that their "euthanized" dog is still alive. Jamie and Marian immediately went to the clinic, stormed into the kennel, and retrieved their dog.

Sid was taken to another veterinarian for a complete exam. Following numerous tests, it was determined that Tierce kept the ill dog alive to harvest his blood. Attorney Jim Eggleston, who represents the Harris', said "there was evidence this dog has been bled -- a lot."

Further examination revealed that Sid does not have a congenital spinal defect.

Jamie and Marian Harris said their dog was kept in deplorable conditions. The former employee said Sid was kept inside a cage, which was fouled with urine and feces.

The veterinarian is accused of harvesting Sid's blood for transfusions and "other experimental treatments."

Brewer said she believes Tierce used other pets for similar purposes. As reported by Huffington Post, officials seized at least two animals from the clinic as evidence.

The Harris' are disgusted that the veterinarian harvested blood from their beloved pet. However, they are happy the "euthanized" dog is alive and back home.

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