Emma Stone’s Epic Lip Sync Battle With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Throughout Emma Stone’s promotion for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 there’s been surprisingly many moments where the actress shows off her vocal chops. Her latest singing appearance led her straight to what’s probably the most appropriate show to sing a tune on these days — The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Throughout Fallon’s tenure at Late Night as well as his new position at The Tonight Show Fallon has had actors on the show to participate in epic sing-a-longs and lip sync battles. While promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma Stone participated in one of the most epic lip syncs in history.

Emma Stone stepped up to the mic during her appearance to lip sync to some pretty impressive songs. The battle started with Jimmy Fallon taking the mic first to cover rapper Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” which was complete with the former SNL player’s energetic dance moves. Following a wild lip sync song, Emma Stone threw out a real throwback to go against Jimmy’s recent top 40 hit with Blues Traveler’s “Hook.”

After that Fallon kicked it up a notch by performing an impressive version of the Styx classic “Mr. Roboto” as he kicked and jumped around on the Tonight Show stage. Emma, not to be outdone by the host, picked the top 40 song, “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled and Ludacris.

This moment was golden as Stone used the full scope of the stage and the camera angles to own the audience at home. For this performance the actress made sure to play up some fierce facial expressions and took it home by nailing the ridiculously fast rap in the song.

Fallon who was extremely shocked by Stone’s spot on rapping skills declared the lip sync contest as “the best one that’s ever been done on the show!”

Prior to Emma Stone’s lip sync battle, Fallon had lip sync show downs with Paul Rudd, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

As previously reported Emma Stone showed off her vocal chops in recent weeks. During two separate appearances while promoting the upcoming Spider-Man sequel, Stone has had to put her Spice Girls fan status to the test. The first came when Mel B recorded a video to say hello, which resulted in tears from Stone who transformed into her 13-year-old Spice Girls obsessed self. After she recovered she performed a few lines from the Spice Girls hit “Wannabe.” The other appearance saw Stone being greeted by Mel C of the Spice Girls which prompted yet another Spice Girls rendition by Stone. That time her boyfriend and onscreen love interest Andrew Garfield was on hand to witness her reaction.

Check out Emma Stone’s epic lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon.

[Image Credit: NBC]