Gordon Ramsay: Did He Get Hair Implants?

Gordon Ramsay is probably best known for his potty mouth, and it’s usually that which gets him into the news headlines – but not this time. This time, Ramsay is getting some stick in the media with allegations flying about that he may have had hair implants.

The rumors started circulating after Ramsay was spotted leaving Victoria Beckham’s 40th birthday bash at the Arts club, along with wife Tana on his arm, and an all-new hairdo on his head.

The new style is a big step away from the traditional spiky blonde coif, for which Gordon Ramsay is most famous. He has now opted for a relaxed comb-downed hairstyle with the back and sides shaved which lead to the rumors of a possible hair transplant.

But this isn’t the first time Gordon Ramsay has been the subject of the very same rumors about his hair. Back in 2011, when he was spotted leaving a hair transplant clinic in Los Angeles, the media had a field day with rumors and allegations.

He was also seen in 2011 with a puffy face and wearing a surgical cap, which he said at the time was related to some kind of allergic reaction he had suffered.

But the recent sighting of Ramsay at Posh Spice’s birthday party has fueled rumors which claim that his new hairstyle has all the trademarks of hair transplant surgery.

When hair transplant surgery is performed, the back of the patient’s head is often shaved and donor samples of hair are collected which are then planted at the front of the head. Ramsay allegedly had lots of red dots on the back of his head, which could mean he had some work done to hide the thinning.

On top of that, the shaved back and sides look like they have been sprayed with a certain product that gives the illusion of thicker hair. The comb-downed front was also a dead giveaway, according to some, as it could be hiding transplanted hair follicles.

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