Man Calls Police After Fearless Goats Attack His Car, Refuse To Move

A pair of goats found themselves on the wrong side of the law after they were accused of attacking an innocent Ford Focus parked by the road. According to WMTW News, the incident happened at Richmond, Maine after the goats allegedly escaped into the open from a neighbor’s yard where they were contained. The goats not only climbed on top of the vehicle, but also refused to get off it even after repeated attempts were made by the car’s owner to make them do so. In the end, with the goats refusing to budge an inch, the car owner was left with no choice but to call in the police.

According to the owner of the Ford Focus, this totally unprovoked attack by the goats occurred at around 6:30 pm local time on April 19 this year. The ill-fated car was parked by the roadside when the wayward goats decided to target it. When the police arrived, the goats were still on top of the car, holding their ground… er, car. According to Richmond Police Chief Scott MacMaster, police officials had to call the owner of the goats to make them get off the car and on to terra firma. “Apparently the goats got loose from the neighbors’ and were climbing all over his car,” MacMaster said.

While both the goats climbed down the car with no injuries, the Ford Focus wasn’t that lucky. The vehicle did receive its share of scratches and bumps on the hood. Police believe that the matter would be solved out of court between the two parties involved in this. Speaking to WMTW News, MacMaster said, “The vehicle owner was going to get estimates and give it to the neighbor and hopefully take care of it civilly.”

Police officials have confirmed that they have not filed any charges against either of the goats or their owner- in spite of the fact that these same goats have been known to attack others cars and damage them in the past as well. “These goats have been known to get loose in the past,” MacMaster said.

The story of these fearless goats came to light days after The Inquisitr had reported about a $270,000 lawsuit that was filed after a flock of ducks attacked a woman.

Like these goats, are other animals becoming increasingly intolerant in the US? What do you think?

[Image via Richmond Police Department]