Naya Rivera Fired From 'Glee' After Feud With Producers And Lea Michele

It's been a tough year for Glee. The FOX show hasn't gotten their footing quite right after they lost cast member Cory Monteith and had to rebuild the direction of the show. After revamping the season halfway so the story lines could be focused in New York, it looks like we will have to say goodbye to another co-star in a very abrupt way.

Naya Rivera, the show's featured Latina, whose storyline has flourished this season, was reportedly fired this week. According to some reports, Rivera getting the boot is rumored to be the culmination of a feud between the star and Lea Michele. However, The New York Daily News reports from a source close to the production that the fight that put the final nail in the coffin was between Naya and the producers of Glee.

A source told the publication, "She went off, but it had nothing to do with Lea."

Naya Rivera fired

HollywoodLife stated that things heated up due to Naya's behavior and that the feud between the two stars wasn't the sole factor or major cause:

"Lea didn't even know that Naya complained, if that did in fact happen. She (Naya) showed up to the set in really bad shape — she's been acting more and more erratically on set. She went off on one of the producers on the show and they got really upset with her and it escalated from there."
Another story circulating the news is that life imitated art as Naya and Lea were in a bitter and jealous feud. It's believed that Rivera was jealous that the show is essentially built around Lea Michele's character Rachel Berry. Although Rivera's character Santana Lopez received strong story lines this season, it apparently wasn't enough to keep the actresses at bay.

This whole battle mirrors their character's bitter feud. This season, Rachel Berry scored her dream role in the Broadway show Funny Girl as Fanny Brice. Made famous by her idol Barbra Streisand, Rachel was over the moon about acing it, that was until Santana Lopez wound up scoring the understudy part. This resulted in a very contentious battle between the two characters, who were roommates in New York until recently.

As soon as the two characters made peace with each other, Naya's role seemed to be downsized in Glee, so apparently this is something that's been brewing, at least creatively, for a few weeks. Although there's no telling which story has more truth behind it, we're willing to go with Rivera's erratic behavior being the main cause for her dismissal from the show and not her feud with Lea Michele.

It's been a hard year for both of the stars as they have lost loves in different ways. For Naya, she suddenly broke off her engagement from musician Big Sean and was soon embroiled in a Twitter battle, claiming that he stole a watch from her home.

So far, there hasn't been any official word from creator Ryan Murphy on Naya's firing and the exit of her character. As of right now, it's being reported that the character will be written off the show.

[Image Credit: Fox]