Will Ferrell ‘The Yank’ To Feature Comedian Involved In Heist

Will Ferrell’s The Yank will have the comedian once again involved in fighting crime, and as usual for his roles, he does it almost unwittingly. Ferrell does a lot of hybrid films that cross action and comedy, and he often teams up with John C Reilly for most of them.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers, and the upcoming Border Guards and Devil’s Night have paired the two up, but that doesn’t mean they have always been cast together. Reilly showed he can make it on his own in movies dating all the way back to the Tom Cruise headliner Days of Thunder. The two are even known for their supporting roles, with Reilly playing a monk in Adam Sandler’s Anger Management, and Will Ferrell playing a recurring Austin Powers villain.

Will Ferrell’s The Yank could be another one of his starring roles without a costar. Likely unrelated to the Colm Meaney film of the same name, this film has Ferrell playing the role of an innocent insurance courier who gets mixed up in a heist to steal the Crown Jewels. Stepping once again into a familiar role, the Anchorman star will almost accidentally get involved in a plot bigger than him as Gary Sanchez Productions works with the screenplay by Steve Pink (Grosse Point Blank) and Jeff Morris (Hot Tub Time Machine).

Ferrell’s role will allegedly have him once again toting a gun, bringing back roles such as his repeat cameo in Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and his Mark Wahlberg team-up The Other Guys.

It is unknown how Will Ferrell will fit The Yank into his busy schedule, being almost as busy as Bruce Willis was a couple of years ago. We can only hope he can stay funny with so much going on.

The Yank may get a title change considering there is another film this year of the same name, but it is early enough in the film’s cycle that it hasn’t even been listed on IMDb yet.

[image via tovovan / Shutterstock.com]