Outrage In China After 100 Stray Dogs Were Found Buried Alive In Pit

There is widespread outrage in China after it came to light that as many as 100 stray dogs were reportedly buried alive at Alxa League, a location in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Reports of this horrible act of cruelty on stray dogs came to light after a post on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Weibo, went viral. The post on Weibo appealed for help on Wednesday night to save scores of stray dogs trapped in a big pit near a garbage dump.

Meanwhile, photographs of the stray dogs in the pit, still alive, were posted by an NGO for stray animals. The pictures were allegedly captured by a woman known only by her last name, Tan who had seen the site and attempted to rescue a few dogs.

The woman had been to the site with five friends after her pet dog went missing. She along with her friends managed to rescue as many as 20 stray dogs from the pit. However, there were too many of them in there and they decided to get some help.

By the time they reached the spot where the pit was, early next day, to their horror, they found the place buried in mud, reports Xinhua. "We saw around a hundred dogs in a pit, but we could not get down into it because it was too deep," Tan told Xinhua. She added that they even tried to save the stray dogs by throwing in ropes. Tan assumed that almost all of the dogs in the pit were visibly thirsty and could have been in there for a long time.

According to reports, volunteers from the NGO went to check on the condition of the stray dogs inside the pit at around 2 am local time, only to find that the pit had been filled. "The pit was five to six meters deep. We could not dig as we didn't have proper tools," the volunteer said. There was another group who looked for the pit half an hour earlier, but were unable to find it because it was filled.

It was only by Friday that a number of dead stray dogs were retrieved from the pit.

People commenting on social media allege that the local urban management officers were behind this gross violation of animal rights. The city management has, however, clarified that they had not given orders to eliminate the stray dogs.

Soon after people came to know about the dead stray dogs, they vented their anger on social media. "Life is equal, how could thugs conduct such a massacre?" wrote some people.

Do you think the Chinese authorities should take strict action against the people who committed this horrific crime on stray dogs.

[Image via Weibo]