Idina Menzel ‘Absolutely’ Interested In Playing Queen Elsa In ‘Frozen’ Broadway Musical

Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel is more than prepared to “Let It Go” on Broadway! That is when Frozen becomes a Broadway musical.

According to Cosmopolitan, Idina Menzel, the high-belt voice of power behind Disney’s Frozen, expressed her desire to play the part of her animated character, Elsa, in its Broadway version. Her expression for the part was actually very enthusiastic:

“Yes! Sure! Absolutely!”

Right now, the Broadway adaption of Frozen is in its early stages, so casting is presumably a ways off. However, Idina Menzel, should be the one to reprise her role, who is currently performing as the lead in the musical, If/Then. Prior to her sudden jolt of fame thanks to John Travolta from Frozen, Menzel originated the roles of Maureen in Rent(1996) and Elphaba in Wicked(2003), the latter in which her song Defying Gravity has been rewarded numerous awards and cherished among many Broadway fans. Idina Menzel also won numerous Tony Awards, mostly for Wicked.

Also, Idina Menzel isn’t the only voice from Frozen who would be enthusiastic in playing their movie role in the Broadway musical adaption. Kristen Bell, who voices Anna, has already shown interest in playing her part as Elsa’s younger sister in the play too.

Whether or not Idina Menzel will be given the coveted role of Disney’s version of the Snow Queen in the play is still a mystery. But according to People, Idina Menzel is grateful for her role in the most popular animated film of all time at the box office in which she states:

“It was such a dream of mine to be in the Disney family and become an animated queen.”

When it comes to musicals on stage, Disney is no stranger to them. They have already brought The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast to the musical limelight. All three have been major successes on and off Broadway too. The plays at times are enforced with Disney stars during a specific runs. For example, Anneliese van der Pol, from Disney’s original series That’s So Raven, played the role of Belle in the last run for Beauty and the Beast.

Nevertheless it is safe to assume that tickets for the Broadway musical of Frozen will sell out quickly, especially if Idina Menzel were to originate the role of Elsa. This would be a unique situation since it is rare to see the stars from the original movies go on to star in a Broadway musical adaption. Still, it is evident that Frozen fans will want to see Idina Menzel, and Kristen Bell, “build snowmen” on a musical stage.

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