Pregnancy Is Beautiful, But It Can Also Be Really Weird — As These Strange Photos Prove

Pregnancy. The process of bringing a new life into the world. Certainly, this is one of life’s most wondrous times. And it is therefore understandable that expectant couples would want to memorialize this incredible time in pictures, memories that last a lifetime, as the saying goes.

But, let’s be real, pregnancy can also make people a little crazy. And not only the women who are actually pregnant, but their loved ones around them as well. The photos we’re about to show you are proof of that. We’ve assembled 15 of the most bizarre, strange and generally uncomfortable pregnancy photos that we could find on line.

So if you or a loved one is going through that magical time, and finding that maybe it doesn’t feel quite as magical as advertised, or if you feel at times like you’re losing your mind a little bit, we hope these strange pregnancy pictures will give you a little comfort, in knowing that you’re not alone. A lot of people go a little crazy during this time.

For example, this couple who went to see The Lion King a few too many times

Or these two, who it seems are not looking to get pregnant again.

This is actually quite lovely, though the lady in the photo might want to think about making a run for it right… about… now!

Life’s greatest joys. A new member of the family. And a new tire for the pickup.

Fortunately for all concerned, that is a very well-behaved horse.

If this is what these parents are like now, this kid’s first birthday party should be one to remember.

Moving right along…

A charter member of Future Overprotective Dads of America

On the other hand, you really can’t be too careful these dayts.

Really love to know what’s going on here. On second thought, maybe we’re better off not knowing.

Very important to keep the unborn child safe from nuclear fallout.

There is a probably an explanation for this shot, we’re just not sure what it might be.

We’re not sticking around to find out what happens next.

Or for what comes next here, either.

And finally, when in doubt, go for the “American Gothic” recreation.