Funny Japanese Teenager Brushes Teeth With Toothbrush Attached To A Gun [Video]

A Japanese teenager has posted a painfully hilarious video of himself using a toothbrush. Now, if you are wondering what is so funny about someone brushing their teeth, here is where the twist is. The teenager has actually attached his toothbrush to the recoil mechanism of a gun.

Whenever he pulls the trigger, the toothbrush attached to it moves back and forth, essentially brushing his teeth. As made obvious by the screams of the teen, this is something you should not try doing yourself unless you have some weird fetish of trying to injure yourself. It is painful.

Within days of posting the video, it has already crossed a 100,000 views and the teen actually seems to have found a few followers who seem to have taken inspiration from him and have inflicted themselves with this new form of toothbrush torture. A guy has posted a picture on Imgur showing the after effects of his own attempt at doing this.

The Japanese teenager has a Twitter account on which he mostly tweets in Japanese, so a working knowledge of the language would be an added bonus should you decide to go on to his profile and try to stalk him

The Japanese are known for their quirky stuff – but do you think this toothbrush on-a -gun video takes the cake? Or maybe the Japanese are in short supply of electric toothbrushes?

Who knows

[Via FailBlog]