WWE News: Legend ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham Says CM Punk Will Return At SummerSlam

It seems that “Superstar” Billy Graham came out of hiding recently to tell the world what he thinks about CM Punk and when the Straight Edge Superstar will return to the squared circle. His comments come on the heels of comments made by Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin.

I would take Graham’s comments with a grain of salt, as he does not know CM Punk so it would be impossible for him to know what he is thinking. Even if he lived with the guy, it may be tough to know what Punk was thinking regarding a WWE return. Graham still decided, however, to tell his Facebook fans what he thought though. He made some interesting points, saying:

“Hi fans, I thought you might enjoy seeing this shot from 1977 with the pink cap on and the belt over my shoulder. The question I have for all of you good fans out there is this, when do you think we will see the return of C M Punk and why? I say he will once again be in a WWE ring at this coming SummerSlam 2014. Why? Because its a perfect PPV event and tons of time has past since he left and he doesn’t want us to forget about him does he? The man does bring a lot of talent to the table. Superstar”

Again, Graham may not know first hand if CM Punk will return, but he makes some points that one should think about.

SummerSlam is similar to WrestleMania for WWE in that it is WWE’s version of capping off the summer and entering the big hunt to the Fall run of storylines. SummerSlam has been in WWE’s Big 4 PPVs the last number of years and is always a great show annually. Some memorable matches have taken place here and major WWE moments have also happened at the “biggest party of the summer”.

CM Punk could make an epic return and bring one of those big moments back to the WWE. However, no one knows when or if CM Punk will ever return. We do know that his soon to be wife and current WWE Diva AJ Lee will be back in a month or so. That could lead to a return, but no one can be sure. If WWE fans see Punk again, the only way for it to occur is for him to get a lot of incentives with his new contract.

CM Punk’s contract is set to expire this July. So in order to appear at SummerSlam he’d have to sign another contract. If he signs, the contract might be similar to that of a Chris Jericho or Rob Van Dam deal where he can work for a couple months at a time then take an extended break, then return and continue to do so as long as he would like.

WWE could simply offer CM Punk TV time deals similar to Brock Lesnar, where he only works televised events and no house shows. This would cut his workload down to 2-3 matches per week versus 4-6. So there is a lot more Punk can do heading into a new deal.

Many have guessed that CM Punk is waiting his current deal out and letting things really fizzle up so that when he wants to sign a new deal, the WWE will give him just about anything to get him back on. Whether or not he wants to come back is still up in the air though. CM Punk has been dealing with a lot of nagging injuries. As Graham said however, time can heal wounds so things could settle down in 8 months time. Even literal wounds can.

So although it might be speculating, Graham might be right when it comes to CM Punk. We could see him at SummerSlam or maybe sooner, it really all depends on Punk however. If WWE manages to sign him back on, fans would rejoice and money would be made from it all. So obviously WWE would love to make it happen if they could.

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