Casey Kasem Turns 82, Faces Uncertain Future

Casey Kasem turns 82 on Sunday, but as fans stop to reflect on the accomplishments of the radio personality there is also a great deal of uncertainty in his future.

Beloved for his work on the radio and voiceover work that includes voicing mystery solving dog Scooby Doo, Kasem has fallen into poor health in recent months and has been the center of an ongoing family dispute.

Family members have said that Kasem is in failing health, deteriorating both mentally and physically from Parkinson’s and dementia. At one point in late 2013 he was described as being on his death bed.

While his health has been in poor condition, Casey Kasem has also been at the center of a family dispute surrounding his care. Casey’s adult children accused his wife, Jean, of shutting them out of his life and failing to provide their father with sufficient care.

In court filings, the 59-year-old Jean Kasem said she was doing everything she could to give Casey the best care possible.

“I care for him day in and day out and do my best to provide for his care and well-being,” she said. “For the most part, he is now bedridden.”

A Los Angeles judge ruled in her favor, confirming that Casey was not being abused after an investigation that included bpolice, adult welfare services, and a court-appointed attorney for Kasem.

But while much of the last year has been trying, fans have found reasons to celebrate Casey Kasem on his 82nd birthday.

Over a career that spanned seven decades, Casey was known for his work on the nationally syndicated Top 40 countdown, founding the popular weekly show in 1970 and hosting it for 24 years. In addition to his radio work, Casey Kasem also did extensive voiceover and commercial work, including many voices for Sesame Street.