Carrie Leach, Put Up For Adoption As An Infant Reunites With Birth Mother After 22 Years!

Carrie Leach, a 22 year old woman who was put for adoption as an infant had a burning desire to know who her birth parents were. If not both the parents, she was inching to find out who her real biological mother was. It was a long journey for Carrie that ended earlier this week when a Facebook picture posted by her was shared thousands of times across the US, in the end, leading to Carrie actually finding and meeting her birth mother!

According to WKYC News, Carrie, who had almost given up on her search for her mother, which usually lead to one dead end after another decided to put up a photograph on Facebook after her co-workers coerced her to. Soon, she uploaded the picture of her holding a neon sign with a hand written note which had some information about the Hospital where she was born and the adoption agency where Carrie was put up. The image went viral on Facebook and to her surprise, in less than 24 hours, Carrie had received an email from her sister asking for more details. Within hours, she was exchanging messages with her sister on Facebook – eventually becoming clear that Carrie had indeed found her mom.

Carrie’s mother Kelly Gallant who had to put Carrie for adoption too was searching her child. According to Kelly, giving up Carrie for adoption after her birth in 1991 “was the hardest thing that I ever had to come to terms with.” I knew it would be the best thing for her,” she added. “Kelly later told WKYC that a week after she had given up Carrie for adoption, she had tried to reverse her decision but was told that it was too late. Later, the adoption agency where Carrie was put up closed down and the hospital where she was born was not of much help to Carrie who was trying all avenues to find her mother. Meanwhile, Kelly was hopeful that her daughter would look for her once she came of age – and that’s exactly what happened.

Carrie, who is also a mom will be getting married in June and finding her birth mother couldn’t have come at a better time for her. “I wanted her to be there for my wedding day,” she says.

Both Carrie and Kelly were amazed at the power of social media – the entity that helped them reunite after 22 years. “It’s amazing how much social media can affect things but it’s amazing how many people actually care,” said Carrie to WKYC. She also took the opportunity to thank everyone who shared her photo which was what enabled her to find her mother. “It’s not clicking yet totally that this is actually my mom, and we’re actually sitting right beside each other — something we wanted forever,” she said.

What do you think about the touching story of Carrie Leach? Isn’t this similar to the Burger King Baby story The Inquisitr had reported earlier this month?

[Image via WKYC Tv]