Courteney Cox Says She ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’ About Her New Musician Boyfie

Courteney Cox is on fire! The Friends alum is reaching new heights with her career after her recent directorial debut for the film Just Before I Go, and her new boyfie Johnny McDaid isn’t just clapping from the front seats. According to People, the Irish singer played a very active role during the development of Courteney’s upcoming film.

McDaid was reported to have contributed extensively to the soundtrack of Cox’s film. The Snow Patrol guitarist wrote three songs for Courteney’s Just Before I Go, according to sources who got to speak with Cox.

Courteney, who played the control freak Monica on the hit sitcom Friends, told People that “she couldn’t be happier” about McDaid’s contribution to the project, adding that the musician helped “elevate” the film in many ways.

“I’m really fortunate. It’s amazing, all the musical things that he brought to it.”

But was Courteney as controlling as her famous character during the production of the film? McDaid managed to remain hushed about his working relationship with Cox, but if you’re going to ask the latter, the film production went incredibly well.

Courteney and McDaid, who met each other late 2013, have been frequently seen together during public events, sparking dating rumors. Cox, 49, is more than a decade older than McDaid, who is just 37.

Their relationship was revealed when they were snapped a few months ago attending a Christmas event. Courteney’s split with David Arquette was still fresh during the time, having finalized their divorce earlier in 2013.

Now, Courteney and boyfie is out in the open, and everything seems to be turning out well for the actress. Despite shutting down Friends film reunions for good, projects after projects seem to keep the Cougar Town star busy.

Courteney’s film stars recognizable names like Seann William Scott, Kate Walsh, and Olivia Thirlby. Just Before I Go is a drama/comedy about a suicidal man who decides to return to his hometown.

Her daughter, Coco, had a brief cameo in the film. It is unclear whether David had a say on her kid’s participation in the film, especially that the new boyfriend was almost always around during the film’s development.

But one thing is for sure, McDaid just earned himself a “supportive boyfriend” medal for being extra helpful to Cox during her directorial debut. Trying new things can be tough, especially in Hollywood, and it is a wonderful thing to know that Courteney Cox can rely on her man when she needs to.

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