Kate Middleton Reportedly Warns Cressida Bonas From Marrying Into Royal Family

Kate Middleton reportedly has some words of advice for Cressida Bonas, ones that may prevent Prince Harry’s love from marrying into the royal family.

Rumors were circulating weeks ago that Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas were going to announce their engagement, but an announcement never came and speculation grew that Bonas may be getting cold feet.

This week, a report has emerged that it may have been Kate Middleton planting seeds of doubt in Cressida’s mind.

“Cressida wants to slow things down,” a source told Star Magazine. “Cressida has spoken to Kate about the expectations that come with being part of the royal family and how unbelievably busy she is… Kate’s been honest about her struggles and it’s been a lot for Cressida to process.”

There is speculation that there could be something more to Kate’s “advice.” Cressida and Kate actually share a bit of a history, one that could have Kate a bit worried about her own husband.

Back before Prince George and the royal wedding, back when Kate Middleton and Prince William were just dating, William actually dumped Kate and pursued Cressida’s half-sister, Isabella Calthorpe. It was rumored that William proposed to Isabella, but she turned him down and William went crawling back to Kate.

It may be a stretch to suggest that Kate Middleton would want to steer Cressida Bonas away from Prince William simply to keep Calthorpe away, but some have speculated just that.

At the same time there are conflicted reports about the relationship between Bonas and Prince Harry. Some have said that Cressida has actually gotten Harry to settle down and stop his wild ways.

“Cressida has been staying with Harry pretty much every night for the last few weeks. So Harry felt it was sensible that she got the security clearance to come and go as she pleases, instead of always having to enter with him,” a source revealed to British magazine Grazia.

So it seems like if Kate Middleton wants to stop Cressida Bonas from marrying Prince Harry, she’s not doing a very good job of it.

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