Remake times getting shorter: The Crow to be remade

1994’s cult favorite The Crow is to be remade.

For those who don’t remember the movie (14 years is sort of a long time ago), the original The Crow starred Brandon Lee as Eric Draven, a rock musician who comes back from the dead to avenge his own murder, as well as that of his fiancée. The movie is best remembered as rising star Brandon Lee’s last: while filming in the closing weeks of production, Lee was killed when a dummy bullet, which had become lodged in one of the guns, was fired into his abdomen.

The new The Crow will be directed by Stephen Norrington, the director of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and professional sculpter. Norrington told Variety that he wants to take the new version in a different direction:

“Whereas Proyas’ original was gloriously gothic and stylized, the new movie will be realistic, hard-edged and mysterious, almost documentary-style.”

Development is still in early stages with filming expected to begin in 2010 if it gets further down the development path.