Glamping Is Confirmed To Be Cool By Prince William And Kate

Prince William and Kate Middleton have brought the spotlight onto glamping – unintentionally, of course. The fact is that glamping, luxury camping, has seen global success in the past few years.

The Prince and Kate will be headed to Ayers Rock in Australia with the hefty glamping price tag of 600 English pounds per-person. So what is included in the price? Try a personal glamping butler, the highest quality amenities, and spa. But hey, the busy couple deserve a retreat. And this will be only the second night they’ve had away from baby Prince George. Not to worry, he’ll be well taken care of by his Spanish nanny in Canberra.

The irony comes in that glamping has long been advertised as ‘roughing it like royalty’, only in recent years it’s found a niche in mainstream market. Camping like the good old days, with a pitch-it-yourself tent and primitive campfire food used to be the norm – perhaps not for much longer. Glamping means no setup and no worry. Most glamping sites also have chefs on site or quality restraints nearby. Kind of like how the beach used to be just the family and quickly-covered-in-sand beach towels, but today everyone expects hotel arranged chairs set with towel and umbrella. Really it’s not compromising on authenticity, just maximizing comfort. Check out some of the premiere glamping sites here in the states.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have arranged just a one night glamping vacation, but the exposure is sure to send campers flocking to glamping sites. What is it exactly? Glamping tents are like the tents you see in Harry Potter. You know, where the inside is as spacious and inviting as a cabin. Except the outside of glamping tents look equally spacious – still muggles here after all. As a rule glamping means proper beds and full bathroom. Depending on the place there are all sorts of frills like TV and room service. All in all it’s pretty awesome and expected to keep spreading as a popular means of vacation.

In fact, glamping may have become as popular as it is because of the recession. Luxury resorts are expensive during the recession fewer people were able to afford that kind of vacation. Turning to glamping as an alternative is a natural choice. All the luxury plus an additional dose of originality with a wonderful view of the night sky. One glamping convert summed it up pretty well by describing it as “…the best of both worlds … So you have kind of like a little bit of a hotel, but you still have the rustic feel of camping as well.”

photo credit: Pawsup via photopin cc