LeBron James, Other NBA Ballers Lead Charge Against Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

LeBron James has let his opinion be known about Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the rest of the NBA isn't far behind. Following a lot of fans who have started a #BoycottClippers campaign due to Sterling's comments, LeBron had the following to say:

"There's no room for Donald Sterling in the NBA."
So, LeBron James has made it pretty clear where he stands, but what about the rest of the NBA? Several ballers are not far behind in making comments of their own. Just take a look on social media to get a better picture of what some current and former NBA players are saying along with LeBron.

One of the most pointed responses comes from Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan. Certainly Jordan finds himself in a more awkward position than LeBron James, considering Sterling pays him his salary. Still, Jordan was able to get the point across without saying a word.

Other players have joined LeBron James in being a little more vocal in their displeasure about the words spoken by Sterling. NBA superstar Kobe Bryant joined in with LeBron James and perhaps was even more pointed in his comments:Even though LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have been very vocal about their displeasure, perhaps there has been nobody who has been more emphatic in calling out Sterling than NBA legend Magic Johnson.

Given the fact that legends like Magic and LeBron James have spoken out on this issue, there is no doubt that the NBA can do anything other than conduct a full-on investigation and come down with a swift and severe punishment.

Do you agree with LeBron James? Does Donald Sterling belong in the NBA?