Manchester United First Match Post Goyes, Ryan Giggs Attempts To Stop The Bleeding

Following the not-so-sudden departure of manager David Goyes earlier this week, Manchester United’s new, interim coach Ryan Giggs attempts to stop the bleeding against Norwich on Saturday.

Things can’t get any worse at Old Trafford, which has seen one of the worst seasons in recent memory and fired their manager after less than a year at the helm of the English club.

Manchester United’s match doesn’t hold much significance as far as the standings go, the team is in seventh place with only 57 points, 23 points off first place Liverpool.

However, the last few games will be more of a test to see how Ryan Giggs — the most decorated English player in history — does with a team dealing with very low morale and poor performances all around.

Giggs — a native of Cardiff — became Manchester United’s interim manager on Tuesday, after Moyes was finally let go following weeks of speculation, and said he was proud to be able to lead the team for the last part of the season.

On Friday, Giggs spoke to reporters for the first time:

“I’d just like to say how proud I am to be managing for the remaining four games the club I’ve supported all my life and been associated with for 26 years.”

“I’ve got to say this is the proudest moment of my life. The club has been the biggest part of my life since I was 14. I’m proud, happy, a little bit nervous, but just like I am as a player, I can’t wait for the game on Saturday.”

“I can’t wait for 5:30 tomorrow when we walk out at Old Trafford. I know the place will be rocking. I’ve told the players ‘I trust you and I know what you’re capable of. Go out there and show it’.”

Before Moyes was fired, there were reports of problems in the locker room and general dissatisfaction with many of the players in Manchester United, the owners are hoping that the shake up will mean a strong end to the season and Giggs added that everyone has been very frustrated at the lack of results:

“This is something I am going to enjoy for, what, two and a half weeks and bring back some smiles to faces of the fans.”

“I want the players to play with passion, speed, tempo, be brave, show imagination. All the things I expect of a Manchester United player – work hard but most of all enjoy it.”

“The players have looked really good in training this week, they are all excited as well. Everyone’s looking sharp and I’ve just said to them ‘enjoy yourself, give the fans something to smile about in these four games'”.

It seems that Ryan Giggs at least has the right attitude, being a veteran of Old Trafford has much invested in doing well and is very much respected by the players.

You can watch the Manchester United vs. Norwich match live online here.

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