WWE News: Undertaker Vs Sting At WrestleMania 31 Teased By WWE

WWE has been the home of some of the best wrestling matches and moments in the history of Pro-Wrestling. However, one match always eluded the company because it simply could not happen, despite the fact that WWE wanted to do it and the two men who would be involved have wanted to do it as well. Obviously the fans want to see it.

Some call it the most hyped fantasy match of all time and one that is over 20 years in the making. That match is The Undertaker vs Sting.

As many know by now, The Undertaker has been a WWE staple for over 20 years now. Taker has clearly been one of the stars of the WWE over the last two decades and has been in some of the most memorable matches in the history of the company. Meanwhile we have Sting, who was an NWA and WCW staple for years, and when WCW went out of business, he made his new home in the then Jeff Jarrett ran Total Nonstop Action Wrestling or TNA.

Obviously out of the pair, The Undertaker got the best deal here. The thing is, Sting is not hurting for money and has claimed to be in a great place in his life. Not only that, but Sting can still work a good schedule and he is not too bad in the ring still. Sting has managed to bypass any major injuries over his career. Meanwhile his WWE brother in The Undertaker has been injured a lot in his career. Most recently at WrestleMania 30.

Sting has left TNA and rumor has it, he has signed with WWE. He was recently on the WWE Network, appearing under his real name with the moniker of Sting involved to talk about the Ultimate Warrior. Most feel that Sting has quietly signed a deal with the WWE, but they have yet to announce it and he could appear on WWE RAW or a PPV in the coming months. Who knows however?

What is certain is that Sting is at least talking with WWE if he has not signed a deal. So WWE examined via WWE.com, if there was still any interest in seeing The Undertaker vs Sting. So far, they have seen the same thing as always, YES! YES! YES! The video, which you can see in the link added, looks pretty cool and would be a nice promo for the match alone.


The video package does not mean that the WWE is planning to do the match at WrestleMania 31. In fact, we don’t know the health of the Undertaker right now as it is. While Sting is still able to do a lot with WWE these days, and a rumored Rock vs Sting match has been a back up plan for the WWE if Taker cannot appear, people simply want to see their fantasy match.

Obviously the two men are older now. Sting has lost a step a bit in the ring, but is at the level that The Undertaker was in his matches with Shawn Michaels. So he is plenty good enough to be around for a while, in a sparingly used role.

While WWE did this video to see if there was any interest still, not knowing the health of The Undertaker is a bit of a problem. Obviously he has an entire year to heal up. So it’s not like we are pushing him to be back. Yet he could be done. The injuries The Phenom sustained this year ALONG with the previous one’s are adding up.

For a guy who has a small child at home now, it’s not like he wants to be hurting and unable to play with his little one in the future. So this is more than just a wrestler thinking about himself, Taker has a family. Yes, he only wrestles around one match a year and is only appearing at RAW leading up to WrestleMania per year. The issue is, the fans now can have the match they have wanted for over a decade.

Can The Undertaker do such a thing? We know Sting is up for it. WWE obviously wants to see it. Before, the only thing stopping this match from happening was Sting not being in the company, however now he’s as good as in while The Undertaker is the issue. I’m sure if Undertaker can do it, he will obviously do it. We will have to see if he can however, and that is an answer we won’t know for some time.

It’s The Icon, it’s The Phenom, it’s WrestleMania….and most of all, it’s WWE and we know it could be epic if the match happens. Could it live up to the hype? We’ve wanted to see it for so long that WWE may never be able to give us what we want. Yet, if it never happened we’d always wonder. Now we don’t have to.