WWE News: Superstar The Undertaker Hospitalized With Neck Injury

In what may come as a shock to the WWE fan base, WWE Superstar The Undertaker was hospitalized last night in New Orleans after his match with Brock Lesnar. It was known early on that due to Lesnar’s style, The Phenom would get a bit hurt in the match. Most figured, if Undertaker did manage to not get hurt at all in the match with Lesnar it would be seen as “a miracle.”

As I’m sure the world has heard by now, The Deadman known as The Undertaker lost to Brock last night at WrestleMania 30. This ended the 21-0 streak, making the win/loss record for The Undertaker at the event….21-1. This was shocking to the WWE Universe as the crowd inside a stacked Superdome went completely silent. WWE even refrained from playing Lesnar’s music so that the silence could be heard.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar sold the surprise very well. However, boos came raining down along with Undertaker chants.

Taker appeared to be okay and walked out of the ring and up the ramp under his own power after the match. After the match though, he went to the back and was evaluated by WWE Doctors. As a result, the medical staff believed he needed to seek medical attention at a local hospital.

He was confirmed to be treated for a neck injury of some type along with a concussion.

It is unknown where The Undertaker hurt his head to be concussed. However, the neck injury was speculated to have happened during a single leg from Lesnar. Most feel that the two are related and Undertaker hit his head after whipping back his neck.

Many may be wondering if that caused Undertaker to lose the match. It does not seem likely. The injury happened very early on in the match and Undertaker ended up finishing the match just fine and again, he walked out under his own power. So his injury did not play into the predetermined finish where Lesnar was always supposed to go over on The Undertaker.

As for Undertaker’s injuries today, the word is that he is still scheduled to be on WWE RAW. He will most likely not be involved in any sort of physical altercation however.

While it was shocking, and for some, horrific to see The Undertaker lose at WrestleMania 30….we all knew it was coming eventually. Undertaker getting hurt might be a sign that he should hang his boots up. The loss might even cement that. However, there is at least one match The Undertaker would want to come back for. That might even be set up tonight. It will be Showtime for sure.