Prince George Is The Cutest And Best Behaved Royal Baby [Photos]

Love them or not, the British royal family has a new, very powerful member in Prince George, the third in line to the throne and firstborn of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Nobody can deny he is the cutest and best behaved baby ever, after being put through long trips and social events, we didn’t see him cry once.

We had not really gotten a good look at Prince George, since his Christening on October 13, 2013, when the world saw how grown up the future king looked as he wore the traditional baptismal dress the royals have used for generations.

But that was a very formal situation, with the Queen present as well as George’s grandfather, Prince Charles and the rest of the main royals.

The royal tour of Australia and New Zealand afforded us a great opportunity to look at the youngest royal in a more casual setting, after all we are talking about Kate Middleton’s son, and he just melted hearts all over the world with his looks. Watch out William and Kate, he will be trouble.

Upon arriving in New Zealand, the first leg of the family’s first tour, Prince George was seen wearing an all white ensemble, while coming down the New Zealand Royal Air Force plane, while in the arms of his mother, who was trying to keep from revealing too much due to the strong winds that day.

He looked serious, not even cracking a grin, however, those of us who have kids, couldn’t help but observe he not only looked adorable, but was very well behaved after such a long flight and several time zones.

Remember these photos?:

Then there was the Royal Playdate, during which cute Prince George mingled with other babies his age (and got some potential future girlfriends) and took care of mama’s hair very sweetly:

Of course, then there was that other cute moment with Prince George and oh, yes, William and Kate too, at the Sydney Zoo, during which he seemed to be reaching out for all the animals he saw, especially that weird looking native creature called George, the bilby.

And finally, on Friday, as the family headed back home after an unforgettable visit, Prince George once again stole all the attention for his cute little self wearing a red cardigan and neat hairstyle.

Nobody ever though it possible that anyone could steal the limelight away from stylish Kate Middleton, but it seems as though Prince George managed to do just that in a few short appearances during the royal tour and he can’t even talk yet. Hopefully he keeps behaving on the long trip back home.

[Image via Clarence House/Twitter]