Chief Keef Shot In Chicago? Fans Worried After Hoax Makes The Rounds On Twitter

Chief Keef fans who thought the rapper was the victim of a shooting earlier this week can breathe a little easier right now. Apparently the article responsible for breaking the news was nothing more than a hoax.

Despite what you may have read on your friend’s Twitter feed, Chief Keef is alive and well. In fact, nobody put a few bullets in the rapper during a particularly violent altercation in South Chicago. Although people might tell you that he’s currently in critical condition, the shooting never took place.

If you stumbled across a Huzlers article that claims Chief Keef was recently shot in the “leg, shoulder, and rib,” then you should immediately dismiss everything you’ve read. The article was apparently designed to get the rapper’s fans all twisted up. Judging from some of the comments making the rounds on Twitter, the website accomplished its mission.

“ is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief,” the site’s description reads. In other words, Chief Keef fans should take anything its writers publish with a grain of salt.

The article regarding the alleged Chief Keef shooting is in particularly poor taste since the rapper’s cousin Blood Money (aka Big Glo) was murdered in Chicago earlier this month. The Inquisitr previously reported that Keef intends to release some of the late rapper’s music in his honor.

The story posted by Huzlers isn’t the only prank to make the rounds this month. Another hoax claimed Chief Keef was reportedly charged with murder after police found one of his dreads at a crime scene. The folks at Cream BMP Daily concocted the bogus story, though some people were quick to believe that the rapper was guilty of taking someone’s life.

The latest hoax involving Chief Keef definitely fooled quite a few people on Twitter. As you can tell from the embedded reactions, several micro-bloggers were deeply concerned that the rapper’s life was dangling by a dread.

Were you fooled by the Chief Keef shooting hoax? If you know someone who is still worried about the guy, then make sure they know the rapper is safe and sound.

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