Chief Keef Arrested for Murder, One of His Dreads Found at Crime Scene: Hoax Goes Viral

Chief Keef has been making headlines quite a bit these days due to a series of events that have occurred. First, the “Bang” rapper was accused of being involved with a shooting that took place on the morning of Wednesday, Mar. 26. Then, his cousin Blood Money was shot and killed in Chicago. Now, yet another report has surfaced alleging that the 18-year-old rapper has been arrested and charged with murder.

According to Cream BMP, the rapper has been arrested by the Chicago Police Department and charged with attempted murder. The publication reports that the charges were brought against the rapper for his role in the murder that took place at his manager’s home last month.

Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, actually lost a dreadlock that night and the lock of hair was reportedly found at the scene of the crime.

“His hair fell out ‘cuz that hairdresser. I told her twist clockwise, not counter-clockwise, but the b–ch can’t tell time” said the rapper’s mother. The site reports that his mother actually blamed his stylist for the lock of hair falling out of his head. “She basically dry-snitched”

While some may find the report and allegations relatively believable, the truth is its all a hoax! The source article was published by the popular satire site just one week after the news broke about Chief Keef’s possible involvement with the real shooting that actually took place. Since the article was published shortly after the shooting, most readers have assumed the information is factual. Although the “Don’t Like” rapper has a history with guns, its all just a joke.

The hoax, which was posted on March 31, has since gone viral. The report has been shared more than 5,000 times via Facebook. It was also posted to the Cream BMP Twitter handle, which is actually a spoof Twitter page for the popular media outlet TMZ.

While the hoax is still circulating, fans can rest assure Chief Keef hasn’t been charged with attempted murder.

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