Kate Moss, Jamie Hince Wedding Shuts Down Two Towns

British supermodel Kate Moss and The Kills rocker Jamie Hince are tying the knot in England this weekend in a special event that the pair have gone to great lengths to ensure is not spoiled.

The star couple, who met in 2007, have closed off two towns in Britain to ensure privacy at their extravagant festival-style wedding, which begins today and will last throughout the entire weekend.

“Kate hopes closing the towns will ensure there’s no unwanted intrusion on her big day. Guests will have to flash permits to security who will be lining the roads leading into the town. Locals have also received permits so they can come and go as they please,” a source told The Sun, a British news site.

Moss and Hince orginally hoped to marry at the church in the garden at her mansion in Oxfordshire, but after realizing it wouldn’t adequately accommodate their guest list which tops 400, they instead chose to seal the deal at a church in the village of Southrop, which is a few short miles away from Kate’s home.

A few of the artists rumored to be performing at the wedding are Iggy Pop, Beth Ditto, Snoop Dogg and Carl Barat.

Img and Source via DailyMail