Justin Bieber Softens Up On Surprise Song: ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ [Listen]

Justin Bieber drops surprise new single “Hard 2 Face Reality” amid a proposal photo and speculation about on-off love interest Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber, make that “sir bizzle,” surprised fans this weekend when he dropped a new song ‘‘Hard 2 Face Reality,” which also features his Journals album contributor Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd (Danity Kane, Lupe Fiasco.)

The slow jam centers around a guitar riff vaguely reminiscent of the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s 1991 hit “Under the Bridge,” a solid 4 x 4 beat, and pleasant enough vocals from the Biebs with Boyd on the second verse.

Justin first posted the new song to his signed artist Khalil Sharieff’s SoundCloud account late Saturday, before uploading to his own newly-created one under name “sirbizzle.”

“Me and @poobear singing [“Hard 2 Face Reality“] @CrazyKhalil you left your soundcloud open so i used it,” the 20-year-old tweeted.

Me and @poobear singing @CrazyKhalil you left your soundcloud open so i used it

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) April 27, 2014

A new song with @poobear is on my official page https://t.co/7UmOqKJkSm #Hard2FaceReality

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) April 27, 2014

With a lyric that reads off,”Sometimes it’s hard to face reality / even though you might get mad at me /Even though you might get mad at me /I know it’s hard away from home / Talkin’ to your significant other all night long,” it’s clear the Biebs is talking about relationships and probably on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez, although he could just as easily be referring to his collection of legal woes.

Recent gossip headlines involving the Latina and the Canadian saw one British tabloid claim Bieber got too close to Kylie Jenner during weekend one of the Coachella festival, when he, Selena, Kendall Jenner and others hung out either before or after Justin played hype man for pal Chance The Rapper.

Citing an unnamed source — a device some gossip outlets typically use to back up rumors they think will create traffic — The Sun claimed this was the reason behind Gomez’s mass Instagram “unfollowing” of her pals and deletion of photos of the Jenners.

However, both TMZ and E! News have reported Gomez’s post-Coachella Instagram purge is a reaction to the starlet having some kind of “epiphany” at the festival.

It’s said the “Come & Get It” singer wants to clear her life of “toxic” distractions and is now “reevaluating” certain friendships.

In addition, Bieber posted an Instagram on Saturday of himself posing up in Central Park in New York City, with a caption declaring he had wanted to“propose” to a “future wife” there.

He then noted he would find an alternative romantic spot.

Justin Bieber Admits Central Park Proposal Plan

(Photo: Instagram.)

For Bieber, it’s likely his ongoing legal woes may also make it Hard 2 Face Reality.

On Friday, The Associated Press reported Los Angeles police released an affidavit for a search warrant they obtained last month to look through Justin’s Instagram account as part of his egging-related vandalism case.

It’s alleged that one of Bieber’s Instagram photos revealed him wearing the same sweatshirt and baseball hat seen on surveillance videos taken from the singer’s home during a January 14 police raid that shows individuals high-fiving each other near the site of the house-egging.

In addition, although Bieber is now in New York City after returning from a brief vacation in Japan, he unwittingly stepped into controversy when he visited Tokyo’s Yasukuni shrine last week without knowing that it housed 14 war criminals among its 2.5 million honored.

The singer apologized, but media reports in China and South Korea indicate Bieber’s efforts to explain an understandable mistake have fallen on deaf ears.

So, as usual, a lot going on for Bieber. But at least he’s writing music.

Thoughts on Hard 2 Face Reality readers; hit or miss?