Kato Kaelin Launches Kato Kouch Potato Slacker Wear

Long famous for being O.J. Simpson’s couch potato, right up until a double murder made him go in seek of better housing, career witness Kato Kaelin is now very much his own couch potato.

A full 20 years later, the 55-year-old Kaelin is now teaming up with an old friend, lingerie and Home Shopping Network figure Rhonda Shear (shown above in a photo with Kaelin), to launch his own line of lounge wear called Kato Potato. We’re talking boxer shorts, robes, hoodies and sweat pants, some with pockets identified for use by a TV remote, cellphone or even munchies.

He’s starting with just a men’s line of eight pieces, priced between $29 and $69, but plans to expand to a Kater-Tots line for children and a Hot Potatoes line for the ladies.

“Embrace your inner slacker,” he recently told a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times. “Because everyone with a couch is a couch potato sometimes…. These are the clothes for when you go on the couch and say, ‘I’m vegging out all day’.”

Kaelin, who found the wherewithal to crack some jokes in the Simpson courtroom, is still insouciant about his connection to infamy. He’s still using that connection for punchline after punchline.

Just yesterday, he tweeted: “I had a nightmare that I had to testify at the Oscar Pistorius trial.”

He’s made no secret that, based on personal feeling and not evidence, he believes Simpson got handed not one but two get out of jail free cards.

“The statute of limitations has now passed… so I can now say… yes, he did it,” Kaelin told columnist Cindy Adams.

He’s even free to crack on Simpson’s ever-expanding waistline as of late. He told the Tampa Bay Times, “I just say, ‘I remember a different time when it was only the glove that didn’t fit’.”

Though he’s lent his mug to a range of entertainment projects over the past two decades, none have landed him in the position to be much of a couch-potato-for-life. Hence: Fashion.

Kaelin debuted Kato Kouch Potato recently at Tampa Fashion Week, which is where Shear makes her home. Kato’s still living in Los Angeles, only he’s got his own townhouse now, couch-equipped.

“If you can afford to live on your own couch, then you can wear Kato potatoes,” he states in his bio on Hollywood Poker.

[Image courtesy of Shear Enterprises]