Malaysia Airlines’ Baby Ban: Infants No Longer Allowed in First-Class

Does the thought of crying babies on an airplane keep you from flying the friendly skies? If so, Malaysia Airlines has the solution, provided you’re willing to shell out the extra dough to ride first-class.

Earlier this month, Malaysia Airlines’ Chief Executive Tengku Azmil confirmed via Twitter his airline’s decision to ban infants from flying in the first class cabin.

“That’s true. Has bn 4 a while now. RT @FHavg: RT @airlineroute: Malaysia Airlines is now banning infants on board Boeing 747-400 First Class,” Azmil tweeted in response to users requests to confirm the first-class baby ban allegations.

According to the airline’s CEO, the ban came after receiving numerous complaints from his first-class patrons that the wails of discontented infants were disturbing their high dollar plane time.

In addition, Azmil added that the fact that there was no room to accommodate bassinets in first-class lavatories was also among the reasons for the baby ban.

David Flynn, editor of Australian Business Traveller, wrote that he also had a Twitter exchange with Azmil, who said that in addition to the 747-400 ban, babies would also be prohibited from riding first-class on the and will also be banned from first class on the airline’s new Airbus A380, an aircraft expected to go into service next year.

The airline will continue to allow infants — defined by Malaysia Airlines as anyone under 2 years of age — in coach and business classes.

via CSM