Plane Crash: Two Devastating Accidents In Mexico, Finland on Easter Day

A plane crash is a devastating enough event all by itself, but when two severe plane crashes occur on Easter on two different continents, the devastation reaches significantly worse levels.

One plane crash in Helsinki, Finland killed eight parachutists, while a second plane crash on the same day in northern Mexico killed eight more passengers. Here are the tragic events surrounding each plane crash:

Helsinki, Finland

An aircraft carrying several parachutists was traveling at a relatively high altitude of more than 10,000 feet when it suddenly started to fall toward earth. Because the aircraft was full of parachutists, some were able to escape from the plane crash before it hit the ground.

According to reports, three people — including the pilot — were able to bail out from the falling plane before the crash. Eight others perished in the plane crash. Because the flight was full of parachutists, one might wonder why more people were not able to escape from the plane before it fell.

Eyewitnesses stated that they saw three parachutists jump from the plane, but then the plane descended into a steep free fall. The belief is that perhaps the free fall made it difficult for the other parachutists to escape the plane crash.

Authorities are still collecting a lot of information given the fact that the plane crash left a lot of burned wreckage that might take some time to sift through for real clues. The names of the plane crash victims have not yet been released.

Coahuila, Mexico

A second plane crash in Mexico occurred early on Easter Sunday when an eight-seat aircraft crashed into an empty warehouse in an industrial park. The six men and two women who were on the plane all perished in the crash.

Unlike the Finland plane crash, victims of the Mexico accident are already being identified. Among those who perished are journalist Antonio Davila Campos, his wife, Irma Lopez, and their 10-year-old son.

Authorities and firefighters quickly responded to the plane crash in order to extinguish the fire that started at the industrial park. According to reports, responders needed more than four hours to recover the bodies due to the flames.

Before the plane crash, the travelers were scheduled to fly from Cozumel Island to Plan de Guadalupe International Airport. There is not yet any indication regarding why the plane crash occurred. Investigation is underway and will continue throughout the weekend and further.

Image via World Bulletin

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