[Breaking News] Malaysia Airlines Flight 192 Diverts Passage And Returns Back To Malaysia

According to CNN, Malaysia Airlines Flight 192, which was headed to Bangalore, India, has turned around and is returning to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the airline said Sunday on Twitter.

A Malaysia Airlines spokesman who was speaking to CNN anonymously said, “We are still investigating it. They will make it to Kuala Lumpur. Everyone is safe on board.”

The flight departed at 10:09 pm local time the airline said on its website.

There was no update on when the plane was expected to land.

Six weeks ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s tracking system showed the plane mysteriously veered far off course for unknown reasons and would have run out of fuel in a remote section of the southern Indian Ocean where the search has been focused. As of today, not one piece of debris has been recovered since the massive hunt began.

The search continues to raise more questions than answers about the crew and passengers aboard flight 370, and the family of those on board continue to tormented with the rise and fall of emotions each time rescuers presume a break in the search.

The most promising development came when four underwater signals were detected April 5 and 8. The sounds were consistent with pings that would have been emanating from the flight data and cockpit recorders’ beacons before their batteries died.

Recently, the search coordination center has said the hunt for floating debris on the surface will continue at least into next week, even though the head of the search effort, Angus Houston, had earlier said it was expected to end sooner.

The story surrounding Flight 192’s mysterious deviation continues to develop.

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