Is The EU Living Out Adolf Hitler’s Plans For The Fourth Reich?

Are Adolf Hitler's Nazis in control of the European Union?

Adolf Hitler actually won WWII and the European Union is the manifestation of Hitler’s ultimate plans for a Fourth Reich, according to a new book co-written by Daniel J Beddowes and Falvio Cipollini entitled The EU: The Truth About The Fourth Reich – How Hitler Won The Second World War. According to Beddowes and Falvio, even the phrase “United States of Europe” was coined by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. The book offers that Germany benefits the most from the union, just like Hitler planned. The leader of the EU’s Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, believes the book is full of nonsense and “outlandish myths,” according to Express.

The book states, “It is no coincidence that just about every country in the European Union is getting poorer while Germany continues to get richer and richer.” Europa states that Hitler’s native tongue is the most widely spoken first language in the union. Germany also boasts the world’s third largest economy. Germany was, of course, a founding member of the EU, joining in 1952, only seven years after Adolf Hitler committed suicide and Winston Churchill declared victory over Germany. “We may think we won the Second World War. But we lost. It is no surprise that we are all living in the Fourth Reich,” the authors wrote about Hitler’s ideas manifesting in the EU. “Knowingly or not those who support and defend the European Union are supporting the Nazi legacy.”

The authors say, “It is impossible to find a difference between Hitler’s plan for a new United States of Europe, dominated by Germany, and the European Union we have today.” Of course, one staunch difference that is pretty easy to find between the current EU and Adolf Hitler’s fantasy is the absence of the Holocaust in pursuit of a “pure Aryan master-race.”

According to the authors, Viviane Reding, the European Commission’s vice president, cemented Hitler’s words into reality when she called for the the EU to become the United States of Europe on February 17th of this year. A spokesperson from the EU’s Liberal Democrats said, “Some of the suggestions made are completely ludicrous. Winston Churchill called for a ‘United States of Europe’ and I doubt the author would call him a Nazi.” According to The Guardian, Churchill did call for a United States of Europe, and also that the British should remain separate from it.
The authors aren’t the first to claim Adolf Hitler’s dream is alive in the EU. In 1990, Cabinet Minister Nicholas Ridley said the “Economic and Monetary Union” with Europe was “a German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe.” Ridley said that giving up British sovereignty to the EU was just as bad as surrendering it to Adolf Hitler.
Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, an adviser to Jewish former slave laborers and former British Bill of Rights commissioner, seemed to theorize that Adolf Hitler won the war, but that we just can’t see it. “For many leading industrial figures close to the Nazi regime, Europe became a cover for pursuing German national interests after the defeat of Hitler,” he said. “The continuity of the economy of Germany and the economies of post-war Europe is striking. Some of the leading figures in the Nazi economy became leading builders of the European Union.” The commissioner resigned in 2012, according to BBC News.
Backing up the authors’ theory that Adolf Hitler secretly won WWII, Rodney Atkinson, controversial former British Ministerial Adviser, said, “The EU was founded and initially led by ‘former’ Nazis and Fascists, as was the Charlemagne Prize awarded to Tony Blair, Edward Heath, Roy Jenkins and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe.” This is the same man who, according to The Guardian, compared Mandela to Adolf Hitler.
What are your thoughts? Do the controversial authors make any sense? Is the EU Adolf Hitler’s Fourth Reich?