Jodi Arias Thinks There Are Cameras In Her Cell, Is She Losing The Plot?

Jodi Arias, a convicted murderer awaiting sentencing, may be losing the plot as she sits incarcerated. She made some pretty outlandish claims recently, including taking out a restraining order against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and well known news anchor Nancy Grace.

TMZ reported that Arias is claiming that she contracted hepatitis C in jail from a needle used for a tuberculosis shot she received in prison. The restraining order against Sheriff Arpaio, blames him for the fact she contracted the disease, and Nancy Grace for leaking private and sensitive information about her.

For his part, Sheriff Arpaio doesn’t seem too fazed by the restraining order and thinks it’s nothing but a publicity stunt on behalf of Jodi Arias. “I know that she wants publicity and the only way she can get publicity is to go after this controversial sheriff, and she’s won because I am talking to you,” he said.

The allegations include the fact that the Sheriff, according to Arias, intercepted letters of a sexual nature written between her and the cousin of her victim, ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. She claims that the Sheriff leaked the contents of those letters to Nancy Grace who then went on to share them during a news piece.

Arpaio squarely refuted any suggestions that he had seen those letters. “The only real connection I had with her when I sent my detectives to New York to catch a guy who was gonna kill her and brought the guy back here, and he’s in my jail. Well, me personally I’m not gonna be near the letters, we have a system to look at the letters when we go out she probably used a legal reason no I don’t know about letters,” he said.

To make matters even worse for Jodi Arias, she also claims that she was denied medical care after her left breast, which has a silicon implant in it, leaked; this lead to a fungal growth of some description. It seems that being incarcerated may have taken its toll on Arias, who also claimed that there are hidden cameras in her cell and that she is being watched.

Many commentators are now asking if Jodi Arias may be losing the plot a little as she sits in jail waiting to find out what her punishment will be for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander.