Star Wars Funeral Fulfills Dying Wish Of 4-year-Old Cancer Victim Jack Robinson [Video]

A Star Wars funeral was the last dying wish of a 4-year-old cancer victim named Jack Robinson. His community has rallied together to make this wish a reality.

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Back in January of this year, little Jack was diagnosed with a brain tumor which was so bad that doctors only give him a five percent chance of living. In response, various celebrities like X-Factor judge Gary Barlow visited Jack in the hospital. Jack also received a birthday video message from Matt Smith (seen above), who plays The Doctor in Doctor Who.

Unfortunately, the poor little guy passed on April 1. Shortly later his mother, Marie, wrote on Facebook that they planned on doing the Star Wars funeral:

“Thank you for your messages. I am totally speechless, my baby has gone but all I can do is cry. We will give my baby an almighty send off, the funeral of all funerals, he deserves the best.”

The community turned out in full force to make sure the dying wish was done right. An honor guard of stormtroopers escorted a horse-drawn carriage carrying the body of little Jack. The floral arrangement on the carriage also spelled out the word Jedi, and were shaped like Yoda and a lightsaber. A fully functional R2-D2 was waiting at the threshold of the church where he would be laid to rest to be one with the Force. The musical theme for the Star Wars funeral service was the Luke Skywalker theme known as Binary Sunset.

Jack Robinson’s father, Terence, spoke after the Stars Wars funeral was over:

“Jack was a special boy. He was unique and brought everyone together. We needed to give him a unique send-off, and the brilliant sunshine that came out for it was Jack looking down on us. I will always love you son.”